Start on the Right Path to Value Creation

People have been making resolutions for nearly 4,000 years.  While the celebrations and timing around making resolutions has evolved, the tradition of making them continues.  So much so, that Google created a program to map New Year’s Resolutions from around the world. But despite the fact that we continue to make resolutions, less than half of us are still sticking to our resolutions by mid-year and only about 8% of us actually succeed in achieving our resolutions. One of the most important resolutions every marketer should make is to stay focused on value creation.

3 Best Practices to start on your path to value creation

Start on the right path to Marketing excellence and value creation.

Many of us make personal resolutions, with the most common being to lose weight, get organized, spend less/save more, stay fit and healthy, quite smoking and so on.  And quite a few of us make career-related resolutions, such as earn a raise or promotion or reduce stress.  As a marketer, being able to quantify results and acquiring new knowledge and skills are among the top five ways we can secure a promotionTwo common causes of work stress are the pressure to perform to meet rising expectations and pressure to work at constantly optimum levels.

Experts such as Shawnice Meador, director of career management and leadership development at MBA@UNC, say one of the most important steps and best practices for achieving a resolution is to have an action plan.  If earning that promotion or reducing stress are on your list, we’ve compiled 12 Marketing Resolutions or Best Practices, along with resources that will help you

  • meet the increased expectation to prove the value of Marketing
  • create a performance-driven Marketing organization, quantify your results
  • increase your knowledge and skills related to performance management and measurement

3 Best Practices to Put You on the Path to Marketing Excellence

You may already have achieved some of these. If so, start with the first one you and your Marketing team need to address.  If all of these fall on your “need to do list”, start with one and work your way toward 12!

Marketing Excellence Best Practice 1: Resolve to Serve as a Value Creator

Best-in-Class marketers who have cracked the code when it comes to the ability to demonstrate their value, impact, and contribution to the C-Suite, serve as value creators. Value creators market and offer decisions that create value for both customers and shareholders.

Best-in-Class Marketers Serve as Value Creators

Become a Value Creator

How Best-in-Class Marketers Serve As Value Generators

Marketing Excellence Best Practice 2: Resolve to Act as a Change Agent

Implementing marketing performance management and measurement initiatives is hard.  For many organizations it is a change.  And few of us enthusiastically embrace change. You may even face resistance from your own leadership team when it comes to implementing the changes needed to succeed at improving marketing performance management capabilities.  So before you get too far down the path, you and your team may first need to understand change management and take on the role of change agent.

 Three Elements of Successful Change Management

 Five Steps to Serving as an Effective Agent of Change

Marketing  Excellence Best Practice 3: Resolve to Create a Performance Driven Culture

Expectations and pressure on Marketing to generate value by capturing market share, increasing customer lifetime value, and growing customer equity has become the norm. Creating a performance-driven marketing organization will help you meet these expectations.

Seven Steps to a Performance Management Culture

See some best practices where help would be welcomed?  We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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