Take Your Marketing Performance Management Over the Finish Line

We’ve suggested a number of Marketing best practices that will help your Marketing Performance Management (MPM).

Improving the ability to measure and analyze Marketing’s impact was the number one challenge identified by Marketers in the recent B2B Marketing Report. Check out the learning center for practical tips on how to improve how you quantify results.  Now it’s up to you.

Discover the  Performance Management Best Practices of the Best-in-Class

We hope you adopt several of the Marketing Performance best practices.  You may find it easier to adopt a best practice if you think of it more as an intentional goal. If you decide to pursue one or some of these, Elizabeth Miller and Alan Marlatt at the University of Washington discovered that people who are successful in keeping their any resolution they make:

  • Have a strong initial commitment to make a change
  • Have coping strategies to deal with problems that will inevitably surface
  • Keep track of their progress

Dr. Kirsti Dyer of Columbia College offers these five suggestions for successfully keeping and achieving your commitments:

  1. Don’t make too many. Pick a realistic and attainable goal that YOU want to accomplish.
  2. Make a plan, write it down, and make a small change every day
  3. Involve your team.
  4. Acknowledge progress and wins
  5. Take set-backs in stride, adjust and recommit

Performance excellence best practices

Add these best practices to achieve performance excellence.

3 Best Practices for Performance Management

Marketing Performance Excellence – Best Practice 10: Resolve to map the customer journey and use powerful personas

Armed with your deep understanding of the customer you can create powerful personas, map the customer journey and use this information to engineer the customer buying pipeline, create experience maps, and synch content and channels accordingly.

Create Powerful Personas

Commit to Your Customer’s Journey for Your Happily Ever After

Step Into Your Customers Shows to Create Exceptional Experience

Are You Losing Your Customers Along the Way?

Do You Know Where Your Customers’ Hang Out?

Pipeline Engineering: Syncing Content to the Customer Buying Process


Marketing Performance Excellence – Best Practice 11: Resolve to create a marketing ops function that helps improve and prove the value of marketing

You’ve deployed new technology and established marketing ops. Most organizations leave it at that.  But your Marketing ops function can be so much more than your marketing automation and technology front. This function can be your marketing performance management and performance engine.

The Evolving Role of Marketing Ops

Six Key Marketing Ops Capabilities of the Best-in-Class

Drive Growth with Analytics and Marketing Ops

You and your marketing organization now have all the ingredients to soar to new heights.  You’ll need a dashboard to demonstrate your value, make sure you stay the course, and know what is and isn’t working.

Marketing Performance Excellence – Best Practice 12: Resolve to make the marketing dashboard more actionable

Create an Effective Marketing Dashboard

Define, Discover, Design Your Way to a Dashboard that Shows Your ROI

Five Steps to Successfully Complete Your Dashboard Expedition and Unlock Marketing’s Value

The Proper Care and Feeding of Marketing Dashboards

marketing success key

The keys to achieving Marketing success

You’ll be able to make solid headway with the resources we’ve suggested. Should you have an appetite for more, please cruise the white papers, articles, and Marketing Excellence store for more.

Curious about whether or how well your Marketing measures up? That’s worth a conversation. 



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