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As a value creator you know that creating value for your customers ultimately creates value for your organization.  You have the foundation in place to act as a value creator.  You speak the language of business, operate marketing as a center of excellence. To build momentum for Marketing excellence you need to be able proving your contribution and impact.

Measuring contribution and impact requires knowing how to gain insight into customers and the market, leveraging data, and selecting the right metrics. Keep your marketing excellence momentum going with these three Marketing Performance (MPM) best practices.

Use these best practices to improve your performance management

Promise to Improve Your MPM Capabilities

Marketing Excellence Best Practice 7: Resolve to select more relevant Marketing metrics

Metrics are required in order to quantify your value, contribution, impact, and results.  Marketing metrics come in all shapes and sizes such open rates, response rates, on time delivery, cost vs. budget, share of preference, product adoption, share of wallet, and market share. The list is nearly endless and includes a mix of efficiency and effectiveness measures.  Some are related and others stand alone.  Here’s some tips for navigating the metrics maze.

            Marketing Metrics: The Paradigm Shift

Ready to Set Your Marketing Metrics: Think Like a General

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Metrics

How to Choose the Right Metrics for Your Marketing Dashboard


Marketing Excellence Best Practices 8: Resolve to employ data and analytics to facilitate better decisions

Quantifying, measuring, and fact-based decision making have data and analytics in common.  You and your team either need to build these skills or need access to data and analytical experts. And once you have the skills or data, you will need to be able to transform it into business value.

            More Data Does Not Mean Better Insights

Just Add Data: Some Assembly Required

Tame Big Data and Gain Big Insights

Analytics the Essential Ace in Every Hand

Analytics and Marketing Ops: A Match Made in Heaven

Four Tips for Translating Data into Business Value


Marketing Excellence Best Practice 9: Resolve to know thy customer

Value creators are customer-focused and customer-centric.  They conduct research and use the data and analytics to keep a pulse on market trends; customer product, service, and engagement preferences; and the customer experience.

            Three Tips for Cost Effective Research

Implementing Customer Analytics

Exploring the Win in Win/Loss Analysis

Customer-Centricity: Mining for Gold in Your Customer Data

Align Sales and Marketing Around the Customer Buying Process

Cultivating Sales Ready Qualified Opportunities


Check out the remaining three Marketing best practices.

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Authors Hugh Burkitt and John Zealley in their book ‘Marketing Excellence’,  argue that “excellence has to be unusual and rare”, it must be accompanied by “endurance and sustainability”.   We can help you build your endurance and sustainability. 

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