Process is one of the four pillars of high performing organizations. All functions within your organization run on process and Marketing is no exception. Processes capture the sequence of interdependent and linked procedures used to convert some type of input (typically Marketing inputs take the form of data) into an output.

There’s a lot of moving parts that go into successful Marketing–a myriad of gears need to turn in unison to achieve the desired results. These include the proper use of data and analytics, optimized marketing workflow processes, applicable performance enhancing systems and tools, and operational processes that facilitate alignment, planning, measurement, and reporting.

These are the instruments, or the gears, of Marketing Operations (Marketing Ops). Successful Marketing Ops integrate processes, technology and performance management to help run the Marketing organization as a fully-accountable part of any business. Marketing Ops is a key driver for ensuring marketing operates as a Center of Excellence.

It is critical to map your marketing workflow, performance management and measurement processes, select your systems and tools and design your marketing operations function. We’ve collected a number of resources to help you with this effort.

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