centers of excellence coe operational excellence marketing excellence growth performance management customer centricity data analytics decisions accountability alignmentGrowth becomes more challenging as organizations scale and increase in complexity. Data is often sitting in siloed systems, hampering data-driven decisions. New processes have been layered on top of previous processes. The resulting confusion reduces efficiency and effectiveness. Your growth depends on every part of your organization being performance-driven and leveraging the benefits of a Center of Excellence (CoE). This means every function needs to excel in at least four areas:

Creating and implementing an effective Center of Excellence helps to overcome growth-inhibiting challenges. A CoE provides leadership, fosters and shares best practices, benchmarks performance, facilitates research, and enhances the skills needed for a focused area. It provides the entire organization with visibility into relevant quality and operational performance management parameters. It fosters better decision making with greater confidence.


Improve Your Top and Bottom-Line Results with a Center of Excellence

Why companies engage us. Our customers know that adopting operational excellence models, more quickly than their competitors, is the key to thriving in today’s hyper-competitive world. Whether they need expertise or bandwidth, they find our experience, expertise and outside perspective valuable for establishing and deploying a CoE. They know we will get it right – the first time.

What we deliver. Our operational performance management and organizational excellence expertise helps you achieve the most measurable and successful implementation of your CoE. Based on your requirements, capabilities and goals, we will help you define the best focus for your CoE. That may be a functional or organizational focus, or a short- or long-term focus. Your CoE will be designed and implemented to help you employ best practices and excel at five fundamental growth enablers:

  1. Data-driven decisions
  2. Internal business processes
  3. Customer-centricity
  4. Market leadership
  5. Market innovation

“I have worked with Laura (and VisionEdge Marketing) for the past 20 years in multiple software companies… I have no reservations in recommending Laura or VisionEdge Marketing to any company who needs to build, fix, or optimize… processes, and results.” Gerardo Dada, CMO–DataCore Software

centers of excellence coe operational excellence marketing excellence growth performance management customer centricity data analytics decisions accountability alignment


Implement Your Center of Excellence Model to Avoid Growth Stall-Points

Leverage our expertise. Our centers of excellence capabilities and services range from auditing your current state, to speaking engagements for talent development, to a Collaborative Consulting Engagement. Start your path to a CoE with one of these 3 approaches: assessments, best-practice presentations, or a customer-centric engagement.

performance management performance measurement performance audit business management customer centric operational excellence center of excellence high performing organization

Does your organization have the capabilities and proficiencies to be effective? The answer this question begins with our comprehensive Performance Management Audit. The purpose of this audit is to understand your current state. We then use these results to create a roadmap specifically designed for your organization to move your efforts forward – more quickly and with more confidence.  The audit includes interviews with internal stakeholders from across the organization, and a thorough review of your processes, technology, and performance measurement competencies.

speaking engagement growth cutomer centric business management operational exellence center of excellence workshops

Inspire and educate your team. Operational excellence is a team effort that requires extensive internal collaboration. Begin the on-boarding process with one of these programs:

  • Enable High Performance for Your Organization
  • Establishing Marketing as a Center of Excellence
  • Marketing Ops: Fulfill Your Organization’s Potential
Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to build your best-in-class Operational Excellence model, fully aligned to business outcomes and ready to demonstrate and achieve your end goals. Our knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives faster. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.

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“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

Join our community to gain insights into creating growth strategies and execution; and employing growth enablers, including accountability, alignment, analytics, and operational excellence.

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