process excellence process mapping operational excellence business performance marketing operations growth customer-centricityProcesses are the lifeline of every business.  To thrive and scale, every customer-centric business and all of its functions need well-defined processes. Process excellence is the foundation for operational exellence. Processes impact both the top and the bottom-line by:

  1. Driving revenue by acquiring, keeping and growing the value of customers, all of which is led by the Marketing organization
  2. Improving profit and margin by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies
  3. Increasing employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention

When it comes to process improvement, process mapping is a critical first step. It’s nearly impossible to map every process simultaneously. We have found that improving revenue-oriented (versus cost-oriented) processes is statistically more significant in positively impacting both financial and customer relationship performance.

Mapping processes takes both time and skill. Effective mapping starts with the as-is state. How can you know what to fix or optimize if you don’t know how the current process works? If you are implementing technology to improve performance, and processes are not effective or efficient, then automation will result in being faster at following a bad process. Process is the glue between your people, technology and business results.

Why companies engage us. Our customers know that process improvement results in increased customer and employee loyalty. It also improves agility, better enabling them to define market opportunities, and implement strategies that connect customers with solutions. Ultimately this leads to competitive advantage. Whether they need expertise or bandwidth, they find our experience, expertise and outside perspective with process mapping valuable for achieving greater success with less risk. They trust us to do it right – the first time.

What we deliver. Our top and bottom line process mapping experience, and expertise, helps you implement a measurable and successful process improvement project, so you reap the full benefits of investment. To speed time to benefit and develop your internal skills for ongoing process improvement, our projects include:

  1. Pre-developed tools, templates, and frameworks
  2. Experience working with companies in your industry, who no doubt, have some processes that are similar to yours
  3. Knowledge transfer methodologies so your team can implement best-practices for process improvement going forward, change management, and how to share their learnings across the corporation.

We have deep experience in process mapping. Here’s just one of many testimonials to our effectiveness.

“All of Laura’s questions in some way required data and understanding processes. We knew some of the answers and realized we needed to know more before we began developing and executing programs. And I knew I had found a firm that shared my perspective on data and process.” Daniel Guermeur, CEO and Founder–Metadot Corporation

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Start Your Process Improvement in Areas that Lead to Increased Customer-Centricity

Leverage our expertise. Our process excellence capabilities and services range from auditing your readiness for operational excellence including process excellence, to speaking engagements for talent development, to process mapping, to a Collaborative Consulting Engagement. Start your path to process excellence with one of these approaches:


Excellence Readiness COE Assessment

How ready is your organization to tackle potential challenges that might arise when implementing new customer-centric procedures, structures, and processes designed to achieve competitive advantage? Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) Readiness Inspection is designed to answer this very question.  Upon completion, we’ll provide guidance for how to transform your organization into a CoE, including Process Excellence. 

Process Before Technology

Understand how the best organizations map their processes, so you can be constructive the minute you return to your desk. We will transfer knowledge on the central role of processes, which process improvement area on which you should focus, best practices, and measurement of process mapping, tools you can use right away.

Process map illustration

Working with you, we cover all six key process improvement success factors: (1) Identify the processes to map, (2) Gather all of the information, from all relevant personnel, on how the process is currently performed (3) Hold a working session to develop the process map, (4) Analyze the map. Identify white spaces and bottleneck. What activities produce or don’t produce value? Develop new and better steps. Validate your map, (5) Revise the process to be more effective AND more efficient. Everyone associated with the process needs to agree on the revision and bring the new process to fruition, (6) Determine whether the process should be automated and if so, how.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together so you can benefit from best-in-class Process Excellence, to achieve your end goals, increased revenue, reduced costs, and increased customer and employee loyalty. Our knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives faster. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.



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