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Making the Most Out of Your Investments in Marketing Technology

The marketing automation software industry remains a serious big business, a $3.3 billion market in the United States and growing 30% annually claims SharpSpring in their recent Investor Presentation. Adoption of these products has passed the tipping point. The majority of Marketing leaders – 67% – currently use a marketing automation platform according to the […]

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The Bottom Line: Action is at the Heart of Marketing’s Productivity

In his article, David Dodd wrote the innovations in Marketing “have promised to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and numerous research studies purport to show that they are delivering a wide range of benefits. But have these innovations really improved the bottom-line productivity of B2B marketing? Can we show – in a credible and convincing […]

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Tuning Up Your Marketing Metrics and Measures: What They Are and Why They Matter

If you want to demonstrate the importance of Marketing to the rest of the organization you need to be able to quantify Marketing’s value to the business. A recent study by Ernst & Young found that only 13% of the CFOs said that the agendas of Finance and Marketing were completely aligned on the issue […]

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How to Fulfill Marketing’s Fundamental Mission of Value Creation

Anthony Palmer, President and formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Kimberly-Clark, claimed that, “the role of a CMO is really pretty simple. You can’t ever lose sight of the fact that your role is to sell more stuff to more people for more money more often. That has to be the ultimate goal. You also […]

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How to Make Your Customer Strategy More than a Buzzword

Customer-centricity. It’s more than just a buzzword; it’s more than just a platitude. This concept, while not new, has become one of the most popular topics among today’s business leaders as companies explore ways to increase market momentum, customer share, and new product adoption. The Global Customer Service Barometer survey conducted by American Express found […]

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Are You Rich in Activity Metrics But Poor in Proving Value?

In an environment where the CMO is being asked to prove Marketing’s value every day, what can a CMO do to not merely survive, but to thrive? To survive and thrive, CMOs need to see themselves as champions of growth who can anticipate customers, develop their organizations’ Marketing capabilities, and measure Marketing’s impact on the […]

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Centers of Excellence: How to Drive Your Marketing Performance Past the Norm

The concept of Marketing serving as a Center of Excellence (CoE) within an organization is gaining traction. In their Marketing Benchmark Report: Centers of Excellence Key to Boost MarTech Adoption and Maturity, Marketo identified a variety of challenges and opportunities facing marketers that can be more easily overcome when Marketing operates as a Center of Excellence. […]

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Who Cares About ROI? What You Really Want to Know is How Effective You Are

In our MarketingProfs article, Marketing Activity Metrics Mean Little: Here’s How to Really Prove Marketing’s Value, we asserted that “marketers need to be smarter about the performance metrics they select.” We also found ourselves concurring with David Dodd’s claim that “many senior leaders are no longer satisfied with the tactical performance indicators (campaign response rates, […]

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How to Apply the Margin of Victory to Measuring Marketing

From market share to product adoption rate, win rate to share of wallet, brand preference to category growth rate – almost every niche is affected by marketing touching their respective key performance indicators. Naturally, the more Marketing influences KPIs, which serve as metrics to help Marketing and business leaders ascertain Marketing’s effectiveness, the more noteworthy […]

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How You Play a Role in the Making of the MPM Discipline

A discipline reflects a particular object of research that produces a body of accumulated knowledge. This body of knowledge gives rise to theories and concepts that become subjects taught at academic institutions and have professional associations connected to it. As Marketers and proponents of Marketing you are part of a rich discipline. It is believed […]

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