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Is Your Customer Journey Map Missing Major Stops Along the Way | If You Market Podcast

Posted by on Thursday, April 25th, 2019 in

In this podcast Sky Cassidy of MountainTop Data and Laura explore how companies can improve creating a customer journey map. Tips for incorporating fit and behavior to understand where the customer is in their buying process are a key part of the conversation.

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Map the Customer Buying Journey and Lifecycle to Improve Your Win Rate

Map the buying journey and customer lifecycle to gain valuable insights needed to improve your win rate. Start with these 5 steps.

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Are They Hot or Not: Guidelines for Scoring Pipeline Opportunities

  Create an Opportunity Scoring Model to Improve Alignment and Conversion Identifying potential buyers and sales opportunities is one of the first steps in the sales process and is a critical part of any sales and marketing effort. Sadly, many of us commit three common opportunity development mistakes: we don’t have a clear definition of […]

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Make Your Opportunity Sources More Identifiable

Knowing which Marketing efforts are generating the most qualified opportunities is instrumental in determining which programs to continue and which to replace.  This is the idea behind the concepts of attribution and mix modelling. 

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