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Is a Land Grab the Right Growth Strategy for You?

Is a land grab growth strategy right for you? You must be able to leverage ALL three of these factors to make a land grab strategy work for you.

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Everyday Customer Analytics | ClearAction Value Exchange Members Event

Posted by on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 in

Join Laura Patterson and the ClearAction Value Exchange in this interactive webcast on the topic of Everyday Customer Analytics. Laura will facilitate a conversation around four key points: What customer analytics matter. Using the customer lifecycle journey. Tree practical ways to acquire data to support analytics. Tips for presenting your recommendations. While this is a […]

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Create Actionable Customer Profiles to Improve Results

Today’s customer-driven environment calls for creating more actionable customer profiles. Include 7 data sets to create actionable customer profiles.

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Improve Your Customer-Centricity With Four Best Practices

Customer-centricity is about using customer insights to steer marketing decisions. Companies who excel at customer-centricty employ four best practices.

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Do You Know Who Are Your Most Growable Customers?

Growable customers represent the future of your business. Learn how to identify your most growable and someday most valuable customers.

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