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Are the patterns in your data leading you in the wrong direction?

Quality data identified in patterns is pivotal for making high-confidence critical customer, product, and market decisions. Use these 5 criteria to make sure the patterns in your data are sending you in the right direction.

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Is a Land Grab the Right Growth Strategy for You?

Is a land grab growth strategy right for you? You must be able to leverage ALL three of these factors to make a land grab strategy work for you.

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Everyday Customer Analytics | ClearAction Value Exchange Members Event

Posted by on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 in

Join Laura Patterson and the ClearAction Value Exchange in this interactive webcast on the topic of Everyday Customer Analytics. Laura will facilitate a conversation around four key points: What customer analytics matter. Using the customer lifecycle journey. Tree practical ways to acquire data to support analytics. Tips for presenting your recommendations. While this is a […]

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How to Keep Your Insights Supply Chain Flowing

Today’s real challenge is converting raw data into insights. Use these 5 steps to tackle this challenge is with a well-honed insights supply chain.

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Why a Data-Driven Marketing Culture Needs to Be at the Top of Your List

Marketing organizations are in an excellent position to lead the charge for creating a data-to-insights culture. Here’s how to build this culture.

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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

Create an attribution model that encompasses the data across the entire ecosystem of touches, channels, and content to produce the best results.

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How to Use Customer Insights to Spur Growth

Customer insights are mission critical in the “Age of the Customer,” where “empowered customers” make creating a growth strategy more complex.

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How to Utilize Data and Analytics to Improve Results

The key to making your data relevant to decision makers is answer these five questions and utilize data to lay groundwork for personas, messaging, etc.

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Are You Ready to Make The Shift to A.I.? (Part Two)

Before you succumb to the lure of the latest A.I. tools, be sure your data and analytics skills are up to snuff. All it takes is 4 steps!

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How to Make Sure Adding Analytics Skills to Marketing is a Win

Struggling to make sense of the explosion of data? Answer 7 questions to secure a yes to budget to enhance your team’s analytics skills.

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