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When and How to Use Focus Groups – Even in a Virtual World

Focus groups are still a valuable research methodology. There are six situations for which focus groups are ideally suited and will yield the best results.

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Are you good at the long and short game for performance excellence? | What’s Your Edge?

Marketing performance excellence takes being proficient at the the long game and short game. There are 12 clubs that every high-performance Marketing team should know when and how to use well. 

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How Do You Know It’s Time to Bring in a Marketing Expert | What’s Your Edge?

Today there are many Marketing experts out there. It’s important to know when it’s time to contact one and how to pick the right person for the job. Follow this six step process.

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Why You Want to Keep Your Data Models Fresh

Data models enable us to organize variables of information. Here’s what you need to create your data model and keep it fresh.

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Are the patterns in your data leading you in the wrong direction?

Quality data identified in patterns is pivotal for making high-confidence critical customer, product, and market decisions. Use these 5 criteria to make sure the patterns in your data are sending you in the right direction.

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Everyday Customer Analytics | ClearAction Value Exchange Members Event

Posted by on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 in

Join Laura Patterson and the ClearAction Value Exchange in this interactive webcast on the topic of Everyday Customer Analytics. Laura will facilitate a conversation around four key points: What customer analytics matter. Using the customer lifecycle journey. Tree practical ways to acquire data to support analytics. Tips for presenting your recommendations. While this is a […]

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When You Need Research to Be in the Know and How to Do It

The best way to secure buy-in is to tie your market and customer research to an organizational priority and relevant quantifiable business outcomes.

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How to Use Customer Insights to Spur Growth

Customer insights are mission critical in the “Age of the Customer,” where “empowered customers” make creating a growth strategy more complex.

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It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune: Three Tips for Cost Effective Research

Effective research to help your organization make better market, customer and product decisions to prove and improve the value of Marketing.

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Factors to Consider When Creating a Market Research and Intelligence Function

One of Marketing’s primary jobs is providing the company with a window into the customer and market. This takes market research and intelligence .

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