Transforming Marketing into a Center of Excellence

How well on your doing on tackling your Marketing Performance Management best practices?  What was the last action you took? Some of the best practices we’ve explored are designed to help Marketing serve as a value creator, a change agent, and put the culture in place.  If you’ve addressed you’re ready for the next set of best practices focused on transforming your Marketing into a Center of Excellence.  Achieving this capability takes speaking the language of using business along with 3 best practices for aligning Marketing to business results.

Now is time to start working on those best practices! 

Transform Marketing into a Center of Excellence

Embrace Best Practices to Guide Your Transformation

Marketing Excellence Best Practice 4: Resolve to speak the language of business

You’re gung-ho to move your efforts forward.  The language you speak impacts your credibility. One first vital change is to move from speaking in marketing language, such as campaigns, response rates, content shares, to speaking in the language of your leadership team, the language of business.  It is important to speak the language of business as you consider your data and metrics.

Speak the Language of Business to Gain Greater Credibility

Five Critical Steps for Ensuring Finance’s Support

Make Your Marketing Data More Relevant to the C-Suite

Align Your Marketing Metrics with Financial Goals

Marketing Excellence Best Practice 5: Resolve to transform marketing into a center of excellence

To start the trek toward transforming into a Center of Excellence, you’re going to need a Marketing Ops function.

These tips will help you do it.

Marketing Ops 2.0: Leading the Way to Centers of Excellence

Six Ways Marketing Ops Transforms Marketing into a Center of Excellence


Marketing Excellence Best Practice 6: Resolve to create direct line of sight between marketing activities and results

The first and foremost step is to make sure it’s clear how the work of Marketing and your activities, tie to business results.  The essence of this alignment effort occurs within your Marketing plan.

            Alignment and Accountability: The Cornerstones for Your Marketing Plan

Is Your Marketing Plan a Recipe for Success

Five Criteria Every Marketing Plan Must Meet

Ready to take excelling at Marketing performance measurement and management to the next level?  Let us know how we can help.  

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